What Is Error Code 0xC0000221?

How do I fix error code 0xc000001?

Fix #7: Use Windows Startup SettingsRestart your computer.Press SHIFT + F8 when booting to open the Recovery screen.Select the Advanced repair options.Go to Troubleshoot and then Advanced Options.Select Windows Startup Settings.Click Restart..

What does error code 0xC0000225 mean?

Boot Configuration DataWhat Is Error Code 0xC0000225? You’ll see this error code when you try to boot your PC. … Microsoft Windows throws this error when it can’t find the correct system files for booting. This vital information is known as Boot Configuration Data, or BCD.

How do I fix Windows system32 Ntoskrnl EXE?

Fix #5: Restore the ntoskrnl.exe fileInsert your XP CD into the computer.Restart your computer.Press any key to boot into the CD when you see the “Press any key to boot from CD” message.Press R to start Recovery Console when the Options screen appears.More items…

How do I fix Kmode exception not handled?

If the kmode exception not handled error is caused by the outdated device driver, you can choose to update the driver manually in Device Manager or automatically update it with a driver updater. 3. Search automatically for updated driver software and wait for the result.

Where is Ntoskrnl EXE located?

C:\Windows\System32Ntoskrnl.exe is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. Known file sizes on Windows 10/8/7/XP are 3,945,704 bytes (21% of all occurrences), 3,945,192 bytes and 12 more variants. The file is a Windows system file. The program is not visible.

How do I fix error code 0xc0000221?

Resolution. To remedy this error, run the Emergency Recovery Disk (ERD) and allow the system to repair or replace the missing or damaged driver file on the system partition. You can also run an in-place upgrade over the existing copy of Windows.

What is error code 0x00000f?

Error Code: 0x000000f” or “”Boot configuration data for your PC is missing or contains errors. File:\Boot\BCD. Error Code: 0x000000f” The BSOD error 0x000000f, can appear on any Windows version, commonly after an improperly computer shutdown (e.g. power outage) or after an unsuccessful Windows update.

What does Ntoskrnl EXE do?

In computing ntoskrnl.exe (short for Windows NT operating system kernel executable), also known as kernel image, provides the kernel and executive layers of the Microsoft Windows NT kernel space, and is responsible for various system services such as hardware abstraction, process and memory management, thus making it a …

What causes Ntoskrnl EXE BSOD?

The ntoskrnl.exe BSOD is usually related to memory, possibly caused by a faulty driver. It is suggested that you run the following memory test to verify your memory and find out which driver is causing the problem. … Your computer will restart and the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool screen will appear.