What Is A Sentence For Grudge?

What is a grudge against someone?

If you tend to hold a grudge, you don’t let it go when you feel someone’s insulted or wronged you.

I hope you won’t hold a grudge against me for bringing it up.

Grudge comes from the now dead Middle English word “grutch,” which meant “to complain or grumble.” Someone who bears a grudge might often be grouchy..

Why is it bad to hold a grudge?

When you hold a grudge, you’re recalling a past event and the negative emotions associated with it. It subjects your body to stress over a prolonged period, which has negative health effects. Rushing to forgive isn’t good either, as it can make you minimize your emotions.

What does Drudge mean?

a person who does menial, distasteful, dull, or hard work. a person who works in a routine, unimaginative way.

Is it bad to hold in anger?

Sometimes anger can be good for you, if it’s addressed quickly and expressed in a healthy way. In fact, anger may help some people think more rationally. However, unhealthy episodes of anger — when you hold it in for long periods of time, turn it inward, or explode in rage — can wreak havoc on your body.

Is it OK to not forgive?

Don’t say you forgive someone when you don’t. It won’t make you feel better, and it won’t make your life easier. On the contrary, it is not about making your life easier when someone asks you to forgive. The purpose behind the question of forgiving is to make the person asking the question feel better.

What are the symptoms of a bitter person?

10 Signs Of A Bitter Person (And How To Handle One)They Generalize. … They Hold Grudges. … They Like The Sound Of Their Own Voice. … They’re Jealous. … But They Make No Changes. … They Seek Attention. … They Struggle To Accept Advice. … They Don’t Like Cheerful People.More items…•

What is a sentence for aggressive?

Aggressive sentence examples. True to his word, he was aggressive without hurting her. But in spite of his aggressive behavior, she felt safe with him. After the club of the Pantheon was closed by Bonaparte, on the 27th of February 1796, his aggressive activity redoubled.

What is drudge work?

noun. Definition of drudge (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : one who is obliged to do menial work. 2 : one whose work is routine and boring. 3 : menial or tedious labor.

What is an old man’s Drudge?

1. n dogsbody (informal) factotum, hack, maid or man of all work, menial, plodder, scullion (archaic) servant, skivvy (chiefly Brit.)

How do you tell if someone is holding a grudge against you?

You lost your cool over something unrelated.You’re avoiding them.You still feel bitter.When you think about them, your feelings are negative.You’re all about fairness or want to make sure that they see your side of things.You feel nothing.You cancel plans at the last minute.It’s easy for you to get irritated with them.

What is an example of a grudge?

The definition of a grudge is a lingering, strong feeling of ill will or resentment. An example of a grudge is when you still harbor bad feelings towards a person who insulted you two years ago. “Grudge.” YourDictionary.

Is holding grudges immature?

Holding a grudge isn’t healthy for you, and will only create further resentment in your relationship. “Being emotionally immature in a relationship means that you can’t control your emotions or reactions towards your partner, often times lashing out and holding grudges,” Davis says.

What is an example of aggressive behavior?

Examples of aggressive behaviors include: Physical violence, such as biting, hitting, and kicking. Verbal hostility, like sending threatening messages through emails, phone calls, or social media, or making threats against someone’s life, shouting, and swearing.

What is aggression mean?

an attack or harmful action, esp an unprovoked attack by one country against another. any offensive activity, practice, etcan aggression against personal liberty. psychol a hostile or destructive mental attitude or behaviour.

What’s passive aggressive?

Passive-aggressive behavior is a pattern of indirectly expressing negative feelings instead of openly addressing them. There’s a disconnect between what a passive-aggressive person says and what he or she does.

Do Narcissists hold grudges?

Someone with covert narcissism may hold grudges for a long time. When they believe someone’s treated them unfairly, they might feel furious but say nothing in the moment. Instead, they’re more likely to wait for an ideal opportunity to make the other person look bad or get revenge in some way.