Quick Answer: Who Is The Flash’S Girlfriend?

Who is the Flash’s love interest?

Patty SpivotPatty Spivot Since the New 52 continuity arrived on the scene, Barry’s love interest is no longer Iris.

In fact, fans of The Flash have already met his new love interest.

Her name is Patty Spivot.

She and Barry aren’t married, but they aren’t engaged either..

Does Barry Allen marry Caitlin?

It is revealed that Barry and Caitlin are married. This is the reason why we do not see much of her in the promo. Flashpoint-Iris is shocked because she thinks Barry wanted to cheat. Barry is confused but finally starts to realize why he did fall in love with Caitlin in this timeline.

How did Barry Allen die?

Allen escapes and foils the Anti-Monitor’s plan to destroy the Earth with an anti-matter cannon, creating a speed vortex to draw the power in, but dies in the process as the power becomes too much for his body. … After Allen’s death, Kid Flash Wally West, his nephew and sidekick, takes up the mantle of the Flash.

Who is the slowest flash?

Jay GarrickIn the comic books, as between Barry Allen, Wally West, Jay Garrick, & Bart Allen (the 4 main characters who have worn the mantle of Flash or Kid Flash), the slowest is probably Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash & founding member of the Justice Society of America.

Is Wally dead?

Is Wally West Really Dead? If what has happened on screen on Young Justice so far is to be taken as the final say on the matter, then yes. … He seemingly died himself, but returned after it was revealed that his love for Linda was a tether between the Speed Force and the real world.

Who is faster than the flash?

Wally West is the Fastest Flash and is arguably the fastest being that has ever existed, as said by Max Mercury—and it has been remarked that Wally and Barry are the only two speedsters that were fast enough to even outrun death.

Does Cisco die?

Cisco was killed by the Reverse Flash in the first season. … Well, actually, it’s Reverse Flash who kills him after Cisco discovers he’s really Dr. Harrison Wells. If it wasn’t for Barry accidentally traveling back in time to stop the tidal wave the Weather Wizard created, Cisco’s death would have been permanent.

Does Joe die in the flash?

Barry and Joe can’t seem to disarm the bomb, so Joe sacrifices himself and takes Cecile’s place and tells Barry to go someplace safe.

Who is Barry Allen’s son?

Bart AllenBart Allen was born to Don Allen, the son of Barry Allen, the second Flash, and his wife Meloni, the daughter of President Thawne of Earth and descendant of the evil Professor Zoom and Cobalt Blue in the late 30th century.

Does Barry and Caitlin kiss?

On the most recent episode of “The Flash,” a moment a portion of the ‘shipper population has been dying for since the show launched finally happened: Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) kissed. … He kisses her, and at first she reacts in wide-eyed shock.

Who does killer frost marry?

Caitlin and Ronnie later marry but shortly thereafter Ronnie, while helping the Flash, disappears into a destructive singularity over Central City. During season two, Caitlin grieves for Ronnie, but grows closer to Hunter Zolomon (disguised as Jay Garrick).

Does Barry Allen have a son?

However, in the comics, Barry Allen has a different set of children — twins named Don and Dawn Allen. … Born after Barry’s heroic death in the famous Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, the still-pregnant Iris West-Allen had moved to the 30th century to live their lives away from superheroics.

Who is the Flash’s wife?

Iris West AllenFlash (Barry Allen)/SpousesIris West works as a reporter for Picture News, based in Central City, and is the fiancée of Barry Allen, who is secretly the Flash.

Who is Wally West girlfriend?

Linda ParkWally West/Significant others

Who does Wally West marry?

Linda Park (also Linda Park-West) is a fictional character in the DC Universe. She is best known as the girlfriend and later wife of Wally West.

Who does Wally West end up with?

Wally would have been active as the Flash for years and would have met Linda Park, who he would marry and have two children with named Irey and Jai West.

Who really killed Nora Allen?

ThawneLaying the real talk on the titular hero, Thawne (as we’ll be referring to him throughout the rest of the piece) bluntly states that he killed Nora Allen because of his hatred for Barry, or rather an older version of Barry.

Is Nora actually Barry’s daughter?

Jenni simply didn’t show her powers until she had to save her father, Jeven Ognats, from being tortured, while Iris deliberately suppressed Nora’s powers to keep her from trying to be too much like Barry. Nora is more based on Dawn Allen, Barry’s daughter and one-half of the Tornado Twins from the comics.

Is Caitlin in love with Barry?

Sorry for the small rant but Caitlin doesn’t have a crush on Barry and she probably never will. Personally, I think at first there was feelings for Ronnie still holding her back, but she had a crush on him. Now, I think Iris is in the way. I do think that Barry had feelings for Cait.

Will there be a flash Season 7?

Here’s everything we know so far about The Flash Season 7. It will return in January 2021. Due to continued production shutdowns worldwide, CW President Mark Pedowitz announced a shift in The CW’s scheduling. … Unfortunately, that means we’ll be waiting on Season 7 of The Flash until the new year.

Will Barry die in the crisis?

Barry Allen/The Flash All season long, the Monitor has warned Barry that the Flash has to die in order for the rest of the world to survive this crisis. And while this certainly isn’t the first time the Flash’s life has been in danger, showrunner Eric Wallace confirmed that he won’t survive.