Quick Answer: Who Is Jebediah?

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What kind of name is Jebediah?

The name Jebediah means Friend Of God and is of Hebrew origin. Jebediah is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys. Variation of Jedediah or a combination of the names Jeb and Jedediah.

Who was Jedidah in the Bible?

In the Hebrew Bible, Jedidah was the mother of Josiah, the King of Judah. (2 Kings 22:1) She was the wife of King Amon of Judah and a daughter of Adaiah of Boscath, a town in the Kingdom of Judah. Alternate spellings for this Bible character are “Jedida” or “Jeddida”.

What nationality is the name Jedidiah?

HebrewJedediah (Hebrew: יְדִידְיָה‎) or Jedidiah is a Hebrew male given name, which is derived from the name Yedidyah, meaning “friend of God”.

What is the name Jed short for?

Short form of Jedediah, which is from the Hebrew meaning “beloved of God”.

Is Jedediah a girl’s name?

See Jedidiah for more information. Jedidiah is the feminine equivalent of the English Jebediah. Forms of Jedidiah include the names Jedadiah, Jeddediah, Jedediah, Jedidia, Jedidiyah, and Yedidya. Another variant of the name is the familiar form Jeddy.

What name did God give Solomon?

After the death of their first son, Bathsheba gave birth to Solomon. Nathan, the prophet whom God had used to confront David concerning Uriah, gave Solomon a special name: Jedidiah, which means “Beloved of the Lord.” God chose Solomon to be king.

Did Jedediah on Fox have her baby?

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Is Jedediah an Amish name?

Jedidiah is a rugged, masculine name, and if he’s called Jed, I doubt if everybody would think “Amish”. … They named him Solomon but the Lord named him Jedidiah. It was a sign of David had repented and God forgave him. David (Daw-veed) in Hebrew means “beloved”.

What is another name for Solomon in the Bible?

JedidiahSolomon (/ˈsɒləmən/; Hebrew: שְׁלֹמֹה‎, Shlomoh), also called Jedidiah (Hebrew יְדִידְיָהּ‎ Yedidyah), was, according to the Hebrew Bible, Old Testament, Quran, and Hadiths, a fabulously wealthy and wise king of the United Kingdom of Israel who succeeded his father, King David.

Is Suleiman the same as Solomon?

The Arabic name سليمان, Sulaiman or Sulayman is regarded as equivalent to Solomon, and the Islamic prophet Suleiman and King Solomon are generally regarded as accounts of the same person. …

What did Adonijah do to become king?

However, Adonijah was supplanted by Solomon through the influence of Bathsheba, and through the diplomacy of the prophet Nathan. They induced David to give orders that Solomon should immediately be proclaimed and admitted to the throne, which David agreed.

Is Jebediah in the Bible?

There is no “Jebediah” in the Bible. There is Jedidiah, a name which means “beloved of Jehovah.” It was given by Nathan the prophet to the second son of David and Bathsheba, called Solomon (“peace”) by his father.

What is the meaning of the name Solomon?

The name Solomon means Peaceful One and is of Hebrew origin. … From the Hebrew word “Shalom.”