Quick Answer: What Is The Safest County In The UK?

Where is the safest place in England 2019?

Safest places to live in the UK, revealedSt.



Coming in second is the only cathedral city in the whole of West Sussex.Bangor.

Situated in Gwynedd, North Wales, Bangor is the country’s oldest city.Wells.

A cathedral city in the Mendip region of Somerset, on the southern edge of the Mendip hills.Truro.



Lancaster.More items…•.

Where is the most depressing place to live in the UK?

A recent survey by Lenstore shows just how great the impact COVID-19 has had on people’s stress and happiness levels around their jobs, indicating the most miserable cities in the UK according to its data….Related Articles.RankCityPercentage1Manchester50%2Plymouth50%3Southampton33%4Liverpool25%1 more row•Aug 16, 2020

What is the poorest city in England?

NottinghamNottingham has been named the UK’s “poorest city” on a government list – the fifth time in seven years.

Which is the safest town in UK?

What are the safest places to live in the UK? According to a survey conducted by OnePoll Newcastle is the safest UK city with a population of greater than 200,000.

Where is the friendliest place to live in the UK?

NewcastleNewcastle has been named the friendliest city in Britain by a travel site. Big7 asked its 1.5 million social media followers to name the United Kingdom’s most welcoming city-break destinations for tourists.

What is the most common crime in the UK?

CSEW and police recorded crime figures for main crime typesEngland and WalesAdults aged 16 and over or householdsViolence1,344Robbery192Theft offences⁷3,750Theft from the person44720 more rows•Jul 18, 2019

Where has the lowest crime rate in England?

Which areas have the lowest crime rates?Dyfed-Powys.North Yorkshire.Derbyshire.Lincolnshire.Wiltshire.Devon and Cornwall.Surrey.Norfolk.More items…

Where is the cheapest and safest place to live in the UK?

Shildon in County Durham is the most affordable town to live in Britain, according to our latest data. Our research compared average house prices throughout towns in Britain with average incomes* to discover where the most affordable homes are.

What is the roughest place in England?

The most dangerous – and safest – places to live in England and Wales revealedThose living in Wales, North Yorkshire and Gloucestershire are least likely to be a victim of crime.People living in West Yorkshire, Kent and Lancashire are most at risk of attacks, a Sun Online analysis has revealed.More items…•

Where in the UK has the most murders?

Regional homicide rates North West England had the highest homicide rate at 18.7 per million people, followed by the UK capital, London which had a homicide rate of 18.4.

Where is the happiest place to live in the UK?

The historic market town of Hexham in Northumberland has been named the happiest place to live in Britain. That’s according to a survey which asked people how happy they are where they live, based on 12 happiness factors, across 194 areas in Great Britain.

What is the cheapest county in UK to buy property?

Shildon in County Durham has been crowned the most affordable town in the UK.Cumnock, Ferryhill and Peterlee are other affordable options for buyers.ONS and Land Registry have started publishing house price index data again.But, latest figures from ONS only take into account the year to April.

Which UK City has the lowest crime rate?

UK cities with the lowest crime rateSt Asaph – 7.Chichester – 74.Bangor – 77.Wells – 92.Truro – 99.St David’s – 107.Ely – 108.Lancaster – 125.More items…•

What is the most dangerous city in the UK?

10 Of The Most Dangerous Cities In The United Kingdom1 Birmingham. A report from last year indicated that Birmingham had been voted the most unsafe city in the United Kingdom, with 42% of locals feeling at risk, regardless if it was in the day or night.2 Sheffield. … 3 Bristol. … 4 Liverpool. … 5 Manchester. … 6 Glasgow. … 7 London. … 8 Coventry. … More items…•

Where is the cheapest place to buy property UK?

Cheapest places to buy a home in the UK and their average asking price:HU9, Kingston upon Hull: £92,755.SR5, Sunderland: £93,222.DL17, Ferryhill: £95,380.FY1, Blackpool: £95,526.HU3, Hull: £97,043.DN32, Grimsby: £97,652.L5, Liverpool: £97,744.TS25, Seaton Carew: £100,603.More items…•

What is the most hated city in England?

So here they are, the 10 worst towns in the UK, according to the survey:Blackpool. “Up until the 80’s the town was still marginally habitable and family friendly. … Oldham. “Come to Oldham meet the locals, it will make you feel better about yourself.”Sunderland. … Gravesend. … Bradford. … Rochdale. … Scunthorpe. … Luton.More items…•

What city has the highest gun crime rate UK?

Gun and knife crime Recorded gun- and knife-enabled offences in London account for about 2% of total recorded crime. The two London Boroughs with the highest rate of gun and knife crime are Southwark and Lambeth.

What is the best city to live in UK?

OxfordOxford has been ranked the U.K.’s top city for living and working, while the Yorkshire city of Bradford has been rated as the most improved location in a survey about growth in Britain. The annual “Good Growth for Cities” survey by accountancy firm PwC and think tank Demos, polled 2,000 U.K. adults.