Quick Answer: What Is The Best Weapon In NieR Automata?

Should I buy weapons in NieR automata?

You don’t need to waste all of your money on buying every weapon, but it’s good to purchase a new heavy weapon when you first open up the shop.

The Beastlord heavy sword has the most attack power at the start, but only allows you so many hits in a combo..

What is the best weapon in Terraria?

The best Weapon(s) is The Terra, With the Possesed Hatchet, Rainbow Gun, Full Drag Armor, and Megashark.

What is the max level in NieR automata?

99Charming as it may sound, it’s a pretty expedient way to get yourself to the level cap of 99 in a relatively short time. In order to get this done, you’ll still need to be sufficiently leveled — I’d suggest you pursue this after completing all of the major endings of NieR: Automata.

What items are safe to sell in NieR automata?

– Any items that say “can be exchanged for money” can be safely sold. This includes animal meat and fish. If you ever come across a white boar or moose, you should kill it, as the meat from these animals sell for significantly more than normal.