Quick Answer: What Is A Situational Example?

What is a situational sentence?

Definition of Situational.

dependent upon a certain set of circumstances or situations.

Examples of Situational in a sentence.


The punishment for the crime seems to be situational since some of the cons go to jail and some get probation instead..

What is another word for situational?

What is another word for situational?circumstantialspecificcircumstancedevidentialcoincidentalconditionalcontingentenvironmentalincidentalinferential1 more row

How do you answer situational questions?

How to Answer Situational Interview Questions About Job-Specific SkillsIdentify the skills you need. They’re listed in the job ad.Come up with a time you used each skill.Identify the problem and how you used the skill to solve it.Figure out a measure for how the company benefited.

What is a situational problem?

The Quebec Educational Program describes a situational problem being “characterized by the need to attain a goal. … It is a situation in which a person is seeking to attain some goal for which a suitable course of action is not immediately apparent (Burns, 2000).

What does situational irony mean?

irony involving a situation in which actions have an effect that is opposite from what was intended, so that the outcome is contrary to what was expected.

How do you use situation?

Situation sentence examplesI don’t know how I got into this situation in the first place. … I’m in a precarious situation here. … I see us today in a situation like those historical ones. … The entire situation was a mess. … For a moment she had the shocking realization that the situation was out of control.More items…

What is the definition of situational?

1 : of, relating to, or appropriate to a situation. 2 : of or relating to situation ethics.

What is an example of situational irony?

For example, a character stepping out into a hurricane and saying, “What nice weather we’re having!” Situational irony occurs when the actual result of a situation is totally different from what you’d expect the result to be. Sitcoms often use situational irony.

What is the difference between circumstance and situation?

A situation is a set of circumstances in which one finds oneself. And a circumstance is a fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action. To plainly put it, a situation is the thing that’s happening and the circumstance is the condition of that thing.

What is the difference between behavioral and situational interview questions?

Situational interview questions present the candidate with a hypothetical situation and ask them how they would handle it. … Behavioral interview questions ask the candidate to recall a past experience and describe how they did handle in. “Tell me about a time in a past job when…”

What is the example of situation?

Situation is the way something is positioned as compared to its surroundings, or the status of the circumstances, or the combination of circumstances at a specific point in time. An example of situation is a house down the street from a big tree. An example of situation is having to decide between two jobs.