Quick Answer: What Does Lighting Up Mean In The Outsiders?

What does thongs mean in the outsiders?


something you wear on your feet.


to know whats up.


How do I get out of the rat race?

1. The Status Quo Strategy. The first way to escape the rat race is to simply follow the most frequented path. To succeed, you must simply work until you die or until an employer or government program affords you a standard of living that enables you to make ends meet without further paid work.

What does New digs mean in slang?

plural noun. informal. Living quarters. ‘they are looking for new digs’

When did ponyboy start smoking?

Ponyboy was also quite young when he started smoking, 12, 13 or 14 years old. His friend Johnny started when he was 9 and Steve when he was 11.

What does souped up mean in the outsiders?

Hood. A young person who gets into trouble or acts in a criminal way. Souped up. Something modified or upgraded for performance or looks (usually cars)

What do they call cigarettes in the outsiders?

weed [Informal] a cigar or cigarette.

What does rat race mean in the outsiders?

Rat race. Definition: A rat race is a term used for an endless, self-defeating or pointless pursuit. Etymology:It origin from conjuring up the image of the futile efforts of a lab rat trying to escape whilst running around a maze or in a wheel.

What is shut your trap?

shut your trap! spoken a rude way of telling someone to stop talking → trap.

What does savvy mean in outsiders?

savvy. “Savvy” is used here as a question that means the same as “you dig?” As a noun, it means “common sense” and as an adjective, it means “having common sense.” So a savvy person has savvy, savvy? “Listen, kiddo, when Darry hollers at you … he don’t mean nothin’.

What does shut your trap mean in the outsiders?

be quiet or shut your mouthshut your trap. be quiet or shut your mouth. Kools.

What does I’m digging it mean?

it means you like something example: ” i’m digging this music” it could also be literal. example: person 1: dig that hole! person 2: im digging it! it means you like something.

What is dig slang for?

You can even say you dig your brother in the side when you jab him there. If someone says, “I dig you,” they mean, “I understand,” and if they say, “I dig your outfit,” they like it. Both slang usages come from 1930s African American English.

Why are we in a rat race?

A rat race is an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit. The phrase equates humans to rats attempting to earn a reward such as cheese, in vain. It may also refer to a competitive struggle to get ahead financially or routinely.

Was that a dig at me meaning?

English : To Take A Dig At This is a slang expression, which is commonly used in American English. When you take a dig at someone, you deliberately insult or annoy someone. It is also possible to say, to take a jab at someone. Here are a few examples: •

Why does Dally look sick?

Dally looks sick because he sees Johnny has been badly beaten by the Socs. … When Johnny is jumped by greasers, Dally takes it particularly hard. All of the gang members are shaken by it, but Pony finds Dally’s reaction troubling, because he is so tough.

What is a beer blast in the outsiders?

Definition: A party where people drink a lot of beer. Sentence: John went to a beer blast and when we found him he was dead drunk. …

Are the names ponyboy and sodapop nicknames?

No the names Pony boy and Soda pop are not nicknames they are they’re real name because when they are at the movies with Cherry and Marcia they ask if Pony boy is his real name and he said it was and that it said Soda pop on Soda pop’s birth certificate.

What slang words do the greasers use?

The Outsiders slang termABSocialsThe rich kids on the east sideGreasersThe poor kids on the west sideHeaterA gunWeedCigarette18 more rows