Quick Answer: How Did Slaves Resist Their Treatment?

What happened to slaves who resisted?

Many enslaved people who rebelled were killed but, despite this, resistance to slavery continued in Africa, aboard the slave ships and in the Caribbean and Americas.

They made it clear that if they were not set free, they would soon free themselves..

Why did slaves run away?

Of course, the main reason to flee was to escape the oppression of slavery itself. To assist their flight to freedom, some escapees hid on steamboats in the hope of reaching Mobile, where they might blend in with its community of free blacks and slaves living on their own as though free.

How did slaves resist on plantations?

Slave resistance on plantations Some African slaves on the plantations fought for their freedom by using passive resistance (working slowly) or running away. The problem of runaways became so serious that most West Indian islands passed laws to deal with this and other forms of resistance.

How did African Americans endure and resist slavery?

Many enslaved African Americans defied the slave system by leaving it. Escape attempts were dangerous and uncertain, and slaveholders posted substantial rewards for captured fugitives, but every year thousands of enslaved people fled to free states or territories.

How did slaves resist on the middle passage?

In some cases ‘resistance’ involved attacks from the shore, as well as ‘insurrections’ aboard ships. Some captive Africans refused to be enslaved and took their own lives by jumping from slave ships or refusing to eat or just ‘giving up’ and dying in despair.