Question: Why Did Sylvanas Destroy The Lich King?

Why did sylvanas betray the Horde?


She knew Lorthermar and First Arcanist were on the edge of turning against her so she listened to dagger and told them to go to the sea.

But the “no” answer would be she didn’t betray the horde, as the horde died when she committed pointless genocide to kill hope..

Why must there always be a Lich King?

The reason given was that without a Lich King, there wouldn’t be anybody to control the Scourge, thus turning them mindless and having them go rampant on the whole world which is bad for us, the Azeroth dwellers.

Is jaina stronger than khadgar?

Jaina is hella powerful, sure, but seemingly has more of a narrow understanding of mostly frost and some arcane magic. So I’d say Khadgar is a better wizard, but if the two ever fought it wouldn’t be simple.

Is Lich King dead?

As the ice of the Frozen Throne began to envelop him, Bolvar – now the new Lich King – told Tirion to tell the world that the Lich King is dead, and as his voice changed to one similar of the Lich King, added that Bolvar Fordragon died with him and to leave and never return.

Who can kill Sylvanas?

Cinematic: The Jailer falls as Sylvanas steps forth to absorb all the souls that are freed from the Maw. One of them materializes into Arthas who stabs Sylvanas in the back (Dark Souls style) and then disappears instantly. Would make for a fun cameo without giving him a huge part in the story.

Is sylvanas the new Lich King?

This newest agent of the Lich King was empowered by hatred of the living and an everlasting desire to rule over her new brethren. In The Frozen Throne, Sylvanas was able to regain her free will and body and founded the Forsaken faction of undead while styling herself as the “Banshee Queen” and “Dark Lady”.

Why did Kil jaeden create the Lich King?

Kil’jaeden the Deceiver created the original Lich King from the spirit of the orc shaman Ner’zhul for the purpose of raising an undead army to weaken Azeroth in preparation for the Burning Legion’s invasion.

Why did sylvanas kill the Lich King?

That was his whole plan in WoTLK, to let Tirion gather all the suposed heroes of azeroth in front of his throne, kill them and raise them in undead as leaders of the scourge. Sylvanas is just another person whos fighting the lich king has nothing to do with regaining control over herself.

Why did sylvanas destroy the helm?

Here’s where things get kind of weird, though. In the trailer, after she defeats Bolvar, Sylvanas doesn’t claim the Frozen Throne for herself. Instead, she breaks the Helm of Domination that controls the undead and somehow shatters the barrier between the world of the living and the land of the dead, The Shadowlands.

Why did jainas hair turn white?

From the manga/comic: As Lieren could only use her lifeforce to power the spell rather than magic, the strain of the teleportation caused her hair to become streaked with white, which she uses as a reminder that she can’t win every battle. Jaina’s massive teleport from Theramore could explain her hair turning white.

How did sargeras die?

After the defeat of Argus the Unmaker, Sargeras was ultimately imprisoned by his kin at the Seat of the Pantheon, bringing an end to the Burning Crusade. But before he could be taken by the remaining titans, Sargeras plunged his sword into the depths of Azeroth.

Why did sylvanas become evil?

Sylvanas has been monstrously evil since she died. While the grandiosity of her plans may have increased, the fact is that she’s been a villain since Arthas raised her. How much of it is because of his torture of her and how much of it is because being undead simply twists people is unclear.

Does sylvanas die in BFA?

During the Chinajoy 2019 Q&A session, the Executive Producer & Vice President of the World of Warcraft team — John Hight confirmed that Sylvanas won’t die in Battle for Azeroth. … Expansion will end with Sylvanas winning the war against the Alliance, proving the rebel detractors wrong.

How many times did sylvanas die?

Sylvanas has died three times but the “Banshee Queen” has only died twice, suicide at icecrown and shot in the head by Godfrey.

Who is the strongest WOW character?

Here are the 13 Most Powerful Figures In Warcraft Lore.8 Illidan Stormrage.7 Tyrande Whisperwind.6 The Lich King.5 Medivh.4 The Dragon Aspects.3 Kil’Jaeden.2 The Old Gods.1 Sargeras.More items…•