Question: Is Lala A Name?

What name is Lala short for?

EulalieIn Spanish Baby Names the meaning of the name Lala is: Abbreviation of Eulalie: well-spoken..

What does Lala mean in French?

IPA. [o la la] Usage notes: English speakers probably say it more than anyone, but oh là là is still a classic French phrase / exclamation used to express a fairly strong reaction, whether good or bad: excitement, surprise, disappointment, etc. Par exemple… Oh là là !

How do you spell Lala?

Possible correct spellings for lalagala,Lula,un-threatened,Lola,ala,lama,un-threatening,Lela,More items…

What does Lala mean in Pakistan?

older brother and CousinLALA is a word using in Pashto language for older brother and Cousin. … How similar are Persian and Pashto to Hindi and Urdu?

How do you spell Josue?

Josué m(biblical) Joshua.Joshua, the sixth book of the Bible.A male given name.

Is Lala a girls name?

The name Lala is a girl’s name of Slavic origin meaning “laurel”.

What nationality is the name Lala?

AlbanianLala is an Albanian surname.

Is Josue a boy or girl name?

Josue: It’s a boy! Since 1880, a total of 39,894 boys have been given the name Josue while we have no record of any girls being named Josue.

What does Lala mean in Arabic?

The name Lala (Arabic writing : لالا) is a Muslim girls Names. The meaning of name Lala is ” Flower. ”

What is a Lala?

Lala in British English (ˈlɑːlɑː ) a title or form of address, equivalent to Mr, used in India.

What does Josue mean in English?

God Is SalvationMeaning: God Is Salvation. #BiblicalName. The name Josue means God Is Salvation and is of Spanish origin.

What does the name José mean?

Meaning: God Will Increase. The name Jose means God Will Increase and is of Spanish origin. Jose is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys. Spanish form of Joseph.