Question: How Do I Change The Order Of My Jobs On Facebook?

How do I change the order of my education on Facebook?

Log onto your Facebook account and click “Edit Profile” at the top of the page.Scroll to the “Education and Work” section.Click “X” next to each school in your list.Type the name of each school in the search bar and click it to add the school to your profile.

Repeat this process in your preferred order of entry..

How do I make my photos on Facebook private?

Hi Joice, Featured photos are always public; you can’t change the privacy for them.

Can I change the order of my highlights?

The only way to change the order of your highlights, is by adding a new story to the highlight you want to change because Instagram story highlights are not arranged by alphabetical order. For doing this, you should know to which highlight you have to add story so that it comes to your desired order.

How do I change the order of stories in highlights?

How to Reorder your Instagram Highlights?Add a Story in the Highlight you want to move at the beginning. Select a Story and add it to the Highlight you want to move at the beginning. … Edit the Highlight and remove the Story. Hold your finger pressed on the Highlight again.

How do I rearrange my stories on Facebook?

On AndroidTap on in the bottom navigation bar.Select Edit Another Story.Hold down the story you’d like to move and drag it above or below other stories.

How do I rearrange photos in a Facebook post?

To reorder photos, open an album and hoverover a photo….To edit a post you’ve shared on Facebook:Go to your post.Click in the top right, then click Edit Post.Make your changes.Click Save.

How do I change the order of jobs on LinkedIn?

Reorder current positions Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. Click View profile. Move your cursor over the position you’d like to rearrange. Click and drag the Reorder icon on the right to the desired position.

Can you move pictures around on Facebook?

To Move Photos Between Albums: Click Photos. Click Albums, then click on the album with the photo you’d like to move. Find the photo, then click . … Select the album you’d like to move it to, then click Move photo.

How do I change the order of photos in a LinkedIn post?

After you’ve added photos, you can rearrange them by clicking and dragging them to the left or right.

How do I change the order of my intro on Facebook?

To add or edit the Intro section of your profile:Click your profile picture in the top right of Facebook.In the Intro section below your profile picture, click Edit Details.Change the information or edit the privacy setting and click Save.

What is bio on FB?

Facebook lets you create a short bio for yourself that sits above your other profile information, such as city, work, and relationship status. See how to do it in this Flash TIp! Show more.

How do I rearrange my experience on LinkedIn?

How to Reorder Experiences on Your Linked ProfileOpen your LinkedIn profile.Scroll through your profile to the Experience section and hover your mouse pointer over the current position you’d like to rearrange.Click and hold the icon that has a series of horizontal lines on it and drag it into the desired position.

How do you add experience to LinkedIn?

Click View profile. Click Add profile section in your introduction card. Under the Background dropdown, click the Add icon next to Work experience. In the Add experience pop-up window, enter your information into the fields provided.

How do you reorder stories?

Reorder Your Instagram Stories Highlights In terms of reordering them, you can with this simple hack: Simply tap and hold the Instagram Stories Highlight you want to bring to the front of your Highlights list. Select “Edit Highlight” Press the “Archive” tab to access all of your past Instagram Stories.

How do I arrange photos in order?

By drag-and-drop or sorting, get the photos in the folder into the order you want them to be. click on the first photo then type Ctrl+A (hold Ctrl key and push the A key) to select all photos in the folder. Push the F2 key to get the Rename dialog box. – Make the name descriptive of what all the photos are for.