How Can I Get A Free Y Membership?

Is the YMCA a homeless shelter?

If you’re currently homeless and running out of options for places where you can go in order to shower, use Wi-Fi, charge electronics, or even sleep, your local YMCA may be just what you need..

How does the YMCA verify income?

The YMCA uses a sliding fee scale that is based on both total household income and also the number of household members. They require supporting documentation to verify the household income and size and they also do consider special circumstances when determining and providing assistance.

Do YMCA volunteers get free membership?

We do not offer complimentary memberships for volunteers.

Can you swim at the Y without a membership?

Yes, but only members get to pee in the pool. GET IT!

Can you bring a guest to the Y?

Guests are always welcome at the Y! Guests accompanied by members may use the facility a maximum of one time per twelve (12) months at no cost and $25 per visit thereafter. An adult member may bring a maximum of two (2) guests per day.

Can you freeze your YMCA membership?

Putting membership on hold You may temporarily suspend your membership—for a minimum of one month and a maximum of six consecutive months during a one-year period. To put a hold on your membership, visit Member Services. A monthly fee of $10 will be paid for the duration of the hold period.

How much is the Y membership?

Membership​ ​​MEMBERSHIP TYPE​DESCRIPTION​​MONTHLY RATEYoung Adult ​Ages 18-29$32.00/monthAdult ​Ages 30-61$51.00/monthSenior ​Ages 62+$44.00/monthFamilyUp to 2 adults and children Children: 22 years and under Must be living in the same household.$89.00/month2 more rows

How much is healthtrax membership?

Healthtrax: Enrollment ranges from free to $49, depending on the gym. Monthly dues are $54 with a one year contract or $39 with a two year contract.

Do teachers get a discount at YMCA?

YMCA Teacher Discount Education Discount. Many YMCA locations offer discounted rates for teachers and students. While an education discount is not available on a nation-wide level, many YMCA centers choose to provide a local discount for their community.

Why is YMCA so expensive?

So, the fees go up as the operating cost rises just like everything else (cost of living, etc). With membership fees being primarily the only income source to pay for everything including employee wages, sadly, they are forced to increase those fees in order to keep the doors open.

Can you bring a guest to the YMCA if you’re a member?

Guests under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian while visiting the Y. … Upon request, adult members may restrict access to use their guest passes to only adults on the membership account. By default, all family members, including youth, have access to family, dual, or youth guest passes.

Can you wear a shirt in the YMCA pool?

Cotton clothing, basketball shorts, cutoffs or underwear are not allowed to be used as swim wear. You may wear a polyester or nylon swim shirt over your suit. Do I need to shower before entering the pool? Yes, a cleansing shower is required for everyone before entering the pool.

Is the YMCA worth joining?

So, is a Y membership worth it? For my family, the answer to this question is a definite, “yes”. We have realized that the Y is much more than a gym, it’s a community. Since joining, we are more active as a family and spending even more quality time together.

What does YMCA stand for now?

Young Men’s Christian AssociationYMCA is an abbreviation for ‘Young Men’s Christian Association.

Does YMCA have discounts for seniors?

With one adult membership, two more adults can be included in the membership for an additional $10 per person. Other membership categories include single-parent family and senior citizens (ages 65 and up).

How much does it cost to get into the Y without a membership?

Individuals who are not YMCA members may purchase guest passes for $10/day or $25/week. Family passes cost $15/day or $40/week.

Do YMCA memberships work everywhere?

Can I use my Health, Fitness and Aquatics Membership at any YMCA? Most YMCAs in Canada recognize and honour memberships from other YMCA Member Associations, so you can stay active when you’re away from home.

Is the YMCA a good gym?

In all seriousness, the YMCA is known for being the most family-friendly gym atmosphere. They offer affordable memberships for the whole family and they have great programs for everyone from kids to seniors. This is an open, welcoming environment where people of all ages go to achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Are YMCA classes free for members?

Group Exercise Classes are Free for YMCA Members.

Is YMCA membership based on income?

We use a sliding fee scale based on total household income and the number of household members. We require supporting documentation to verify household size and income, and we consider special circumstances when providing assistance.